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Here we have put toghether some short information about our rental karting, please contact us if You want to make a reservation or if there is any more questions.

We are located at Gokartvägen 1 in Järfälla, just 25 minute drive from Stockholm city. It is possible to reach us by bus and train, more info on

We have different types of karts. Our standard rental karts is possible for everybody to drive (from youngsters minimum 140 cm tall). The karts have 9 hp, adjustable seats and pedals and protection all around. Top speed is 70 km/h and we have 15 karts of this type.
We also have junior karts for kids 125 cm tall, kids schould be at least 8 years old.

It is also possible to drive really fast racekarts, 30 hp and top speed 100 km/h. These karts are only avalible on specific times, please contact us if You are interrested.

When visiting us:
All customers that drive at our track can borrow helmet and gokartsuit when driving.
Please wear clothes and shoes that is suitable for the occasion (not sandals and long dress).
When it rains You borrow rain suits and drive. During cold season please bring warm clothes and gloves.

Before driving the staff give everybody a briefing about how to drive and rules on the track. Probably You will drive toghether with others on the track so it is important to drive safe and respectfull.

Opening hours:
Our opening hours can be different depending on time of the season and other events on the track. If the track is not booked during our opening hours it is always possible to come and drive Drop in race, no reservation is needed. Just make sure to check that we are open (click ”Öppettider). Also look further down in our calender to make sure that the track is not booked. Bookings can be added all the time until 24 hours before.

If You are not sure please give us a call and we help. During saturdays we often have a lot of customers.

Prices Drop in:
It cost 195 skr to drive 8 minutes heat/person. It is possible to buy 3×8 minutes (three heats) for 495 skr.
Racekart cost 750 skr for 8 minute drive.

To make a reservation You need to be at least 8 persons minimum and book one of our race package. If You for examle only are 4 persons You can only book if You pay for 8 persons.
We normally race maximum 15 karts on the track at the same time, if there is more than 15 persons we divide everybody into different groups. We can handle race with up to 75 persons.

Race packages:
Our most common race package is Grand Prix. Before we start we have a briefing and then a practise heat first. After that everybody drive three qualification heats with standing start and racing to get to the finish line first, five laps in each heat. Then in the final drivers start according to the results in the qualification heat, first one reaching the finish line in the final is the winner. After race we have a price ceremony at the podium.
Cost 650 skr/person.

You can also book endurance race. Then everybody is divided into teams with 2-4 drivers on each kart. You race for 60 minutes and change drivers in the pitlane. Very fun race if You are 20 persons or more.
Cost 1800 skr/team.

If You want to try racekart then Trackday Racekart is the package. First everybody practice with standard kart 8 minutes and then You drive two 8 minutes heats in our fast racekarts.
Minimum 4 persons, cost 1995 skr/person.

Other info:
At the track we also have a karting shop were You can buy racekart, helmets, gloves and parts.

We often arrange Grand Prix Open, where anyone can come and race against other people.

We arrange gokart camp for kids and adults where everybody gets to learn all the rules, driving skills and race. This is a perfect start of the racing career. We use the standard karts and junior karts. Each camp is three days and 2-3 hours of gokart each day.
Please contact us for more information.

Tel Järfälla Hyrkart:
+46 (0) 708 868885

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